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Thursday, May 03, 2007

I was in the 'burg today and hopped by the Salvation Army and found these Colin Stuart Bronze Strappy Stilettos for 6.99. I think they could have been less but the store looked like they had done a major overhaul. It was all clean and neat and stuff.
Also got this mark. by avon bag from a couple seasons back. I mean a couple. I remember this bag the first time I even got a magalog in 2003. It's brand new and there were two . Seriously thinking about Ebaying one of them.

I'm not hearing good things about Tim Gunn's new book Tim Gunn: A Guide To Quality Taste and Style. Anybody got, seen it , flipped through it? Let know you think of it, before I buy it.:)



Miss Kim on 12:02 PM said...

I heart Tim Gunn and it saddens me that his book may suck a little. I was planning to buy it. I'm going to hit Borders this weekend and check it out.