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Go Patrick and Target and Jamie!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I got this dress and can't wait to wear it!!!!
I have this top on today...I thought the color would wash me out but I look very tan and bronzey in it. Oh, and I wearing a size Large, hehe!
I wanted this vest but not for 24.99 because I will not wear it enough.
I almost got this but it look way too Maternity top on me. Plus the lavender color looked bland on me.

I FINALLY got Target after trying ignore it for about two weeks, to scope out the Patrick Robinson for Target goodies. So, who's been shopping in the 'Burg because the picking were slimmie-slim! Seriously, there wasn't alot left but the sizes for myself( L-XL) were plentiful.I saw none of the batik print stuff, it was all gone. So who's been shopping in the 'Burg with some kinda style because SPBG,no offense, ain't that stylish. Probably Wofford and Converse College girls scooped it all up!( just kidding...I love the 'Burg what would I do with out it:))



health watch center on 1:35 AM said...

Is your name Jamie or Rebelle??

Well you have a nice blog on make up and fashion, I love these tops and dresses...thanks for sharing...

New here and wanted to say hi...well whenever you get time please drop by my blog and let me know what you think about it...

Make up and Beauty.