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Monday's Focus?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Face: no foundation,Tarte Bronzer in Hotel Heiress

Brows: Milani Brow Pencil in Dark Brown

Eyes: Jane All in Ones Eye Zings in Olive Green,Dusk, and Flamingo

Prestige Mascara in Black

Lips: VS Beauty Rush l/g in (oh Lord, I took the name of it off!, It's the caramel brown one that looks like clear gloss on me!)

It's Monday...Whatev. Trying to keep a positive outlook on the week. It's been hard peeps to do that but I've been putting together a list of Drugstore Wish Items that as soon as get some "play" money and I'm hitting the situation real hard!

Rembrandt Intense Stain Toothpaste

Pantene Midnight Expressions Shampoo and Conditioner for Black shades

Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade( I didn't know CVS sold this...?)

Physicians Formula Mineral Talc Free Mascara and Baked Bronzer

CG Queen Collection Natural Hue Foundation

Dove Neck and Chest Cream( It's part of that anti-aging deal they got recently)

Johnson's Melt Away Stress Trio

I saw some new Maybelline stuff too but really want to go to Haywood and peep out what's new for MAC,go Whole Foods well just to go to Whole Foods, eat a meal not prepared by me, and ride a car with gas tank on full. Let me stop bitching...and get back to beauty and fashion.Get back to me and who I was about two months ago. Love ya'll:)




mcnals said...

if u go to whole foods get the terriyaki turkey meatloaf thing.. i love it. and go to ulta :):):):) i went there for the first time and spend an hour and a half in there..... oh dear...and tj maxx..

funny thing! i was searching for "brownie pillow" recipe on google yesterday because i am obsessed with them, and now that i'm down in miami i thought i'd bake them...and it sent me to your blog!!! You had written about them in a post a while back, it made me laugh.

those cookies will be the death of me

Lili said...

You have FABULOUS features..!!!! i wish i could do your makeup and put some sparkle on your cheeks!!!
i just fell on your blog by pure chance and figured i'd leave a message!!
Big up!! Go take a look into my world when you have a minute:

rebelleBAP on 4:23 PM said...

mcnals-I'm sure that meatload at the Whole Foods is slamming! I'm obsessed with brownie pillow cookies too! Are you in Miami for the summer?

lili-Thanks for visiting!I was just on your blog about two days ago!!!:)

Miss Kim on 3:20 PM said...

Cute pic Miss Jamie! Let me know how you like the PF Talc Free Mineral Mascara. I absolutely loves it!!!!