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The Good in a Bad Day...

Monday, May 28, 2007

I have a good day and then I have a bad day...

That's what happened Sunday, I had a bad day. A mix of broken promises and Sunday's newspaper listing of weddings and engagements set it off. I almost didn't recover, meaning I almost went into that dark place but what good about the God's blessing in giving me my house is that I have three bedrooms, my room, the boys' cabana, and an extra room( office/ironing room/library) I went in there and starting flip through some of my fashion and beauty books. In the nick of time my mom called me to see if I was coming over and so I grabbed my Sunday Clutch Bag( a navy blue Aigner clutch) and went over and hit the 'net. I kicked it on MUA and that made me feel better too, seeing all the new and great products people were gushing over. I even got some new recipes off the Food Board. Then the babes came home and my life lit up:). We went back home and I started to work on my lookbook.I found a picture of Missoni Home Passiflora Astrid Chair in Friday's USA Today that I decided not to put in my book but on my bathroom mirror for inspiration. It's obviously bright,quirky, cool like me.:) I found the good in a bad day.