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Lucky, Sale and Stuff...again

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hey Folk!!

Well...I finally got those ebay listing up. Enjoy!!

It's kinda cool down here weather wise.I've been wearing cardigans and hoodies since last Friday. But I'm starting to have what you call White handbag Fever. I want a new one. Now I still have Yellow handbag Fever but White is worse because in the price range I'm willing to spend they all look tacky and the best ones are the pricey ones that I know I won't carry for a week. I'm taking a trip to Marshalls tommorrow to see what's up. I also want to go and check out the Patrick Robinson for Target @ Target.

I got my new Lucky yesterday and they are having Lucky Shopping Awards. I'll sit down and fill it out, even though I know my cheap choices won't win lol! I also was reading the editor's letter( I always read the editor's letter in all my mags) and Kim France was saying that she peruses shopping blogs all day and admires the ones ran by an"one woman machine". I bet she does "peruse" blog...getting ideas! There's not a Lucky edition that I haven't read in the last year that mentions a item of clothing or makeup that I had already been hip to via MUA or blog. But I understand paper publishing is bit slow. Now they got blog over Lucky now...interesting. And when is my girl editor Anne Kwan Keane coming back?...she had the best picks.

Got some reviews coming up on...

Lumene Cleansing Oil

All the Ellin Lavar stuff from last week's CVS haulage.




yummy411 on 4:47 PM said...

girl, i just thought about that the other day when i got my new glamour mag in the mail... all the things they mentioned in their beauty section... i've already read on a blog!!! we are making their life easy! for free =(((( and we spend our money to do what they do to get paid!!!!!!!! =(((( give us our props!

rebelleBAP on 1:27 PM said...

You are so right:)

Danielle on 3:21 PM said...

Found your link through Micki's blog(butterflybap). I think the same thing about Kim's France and I was wondering the same thing about Anne Kwan Keane.