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Review:Gloves in a Bottle,Lumene Cleansing Oil and Ellin Lavar Products!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Whew! What a title for the first post of the day! Here it is:

Lumene Cleansing Oil- I have pretty normal skin with the occasional menstrual breakouts or environment changes so I wasn't afraid of a "cleansing oil" And don't you be afraid either. I use it at night and it takes off makeup( except eye, keep using eye makeup remover) and rinses clean and makes my face feel fresh yet supple. I like having glowy skin going to bed. The only little thing is the fragrance, with alot of Lumene's products, has that White Diamonds perfume-y scent. If they nix that, the product is close to perfect. If you like DHC Cleansing Oil, you'll like this cheaper version.

Gloves in a Bottle- This "shielding lotion" is great for me because I'm a compulsive hand washer/dish washer. I wash dishes all the time and I like Gloves in A Bottle because it simply gives my hands back the moister it lost. I keep it near the sink. I used it one night on my feet and didn't put on any socks and woke up ash-free.

Ellin Lavar ReconstructMasque-Love it too death! Gave my hair these big loopy soft curls the first time I used it.

Ellin Lavar InstantShine Shine Enhancing and Frizz Fighting Mist- Not for my hair. I already have alot of shine naturally from using natural products on my hair, so this is a waste of money for me. Plus I didn't see the difference on wet or dry hair.

Ellin Lavar Anti Frizz Smoothing Gel- Thumbs down:(! I really tried to used this, skipping my beloved Kinky Curly Curling Custard for this product for three days. It gave no definition to the curl and no shine. I don't know who she possibly is marketing this gel too. Maybe someone with 2A,2B,3A,3B curls. But not 4A curly hair. Best thing about all of her products though is they have either no or a very faint fragrance. I think I'll buy and try the shampoo next.



Anonymous said...

The Gloves in a Bottle is awesome. I have chronic recurring dry skin (I call it "lizard skin", and Gloves in a Bottle, all by itself, clears it up with just a few applications; I don't have to keep using it every hour for the rest of my life. In my experience, it does what it says it does -- "it keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out."

Jinki said...

I use Gloves in a Bottle all the time - I'm an artist and end up washing my hands a zillion times a day (slight exaggeration). Gloves in a Bottle makes it easier to keep my hands clean plus seems to save them from drying up and cracking despite the paint, oil and thinners I get all over them. Great stuff - I get it from the UK Gloves in a Bottle website - excellent service too

Anonymous said...

This product might be worth a look too - Skin MD Natural in the UK . It’s a shielding lotion which uses some new skin care technology (whatever that means!) to moisturize 6 times more effectively than the standard glycerin based moisturizers. As a shielding lotion it keeps the chemical irritants out too. It looks pretty good.