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Something About Saturday...

Monday, May 21, 2007

As ya'll know, weekends are just hard for me. But I will say that they are getting a whole lot better. I just learn to go with the flow and just hang out and enjoy the days. This Saturday, my kids and I ended up at one of Union's parks during a big event and just walked around,ate lunch and took pictures. Now this bams-bams are just two( they look five, lol!) so I took the stroller out just in case they got tired of walking. I ended pushing them around in it! Here's Kelton posing and Spencie running.
Spencer thinks he's sexy ya'll!
Me. Casually fly. I finally got to try Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant and Anti-Persperant. It works on point! "washing the car" as they told me they were doing. My mother had put them on some weird olive colored socks that I couldn't stand. :)


mcnals said...

how cute!!!!!!!! looks like you all had a great time!

yummy411 on 4:23 PM said...

aww jamie! they are too adorable. glad you guys got a chance to chill out... be breezy =p lol..

oh yeh.. go jamie! wait until you are going between mediums and large! =) what are you doing to trim down?