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Bargain Fashion Finds and stuff...Part I

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm back...let's not talk about it. All I'll say is that the last couple days have been mentally brutal. Some one should give themselves a round of applause. For some reason I feel much better. And the mist of all the emotional turmoil I managed to hit the SPBG Hillcrest Goodwill and ran up on Target. Not really Target but tons of brand new stuff from Target at the Goodwill! This a new Mossimo grey tank. Don't mind the ironing board in the background!:)
Paul and Joe for Target Tunic.So sweet and comfy...
Mossimo Jacket,Size large...and it fits!
I remember this doggone dress. I tried it on last summer and decided against it for another dress and there is was in the Goodwill waiting for me!
Not Target and very summer 2004 but I love it anyway. Going to wear it with my Patrick Robinson tank I think.