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Bargain Fashion Finds and stuff...Part II

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

For some reason Blogger's ass would not let me put all my pictures up. Any-T-ways, Here are three vintage bags I found at the Salvation Army in SPBG on the same day as my Goodwill haul. I swear its too neat in there...

Before you freak out on this pic...Union has this store called Green's Salvage where you can buy discontinued groceries and stuff from out of business stores like Winn Dixie. So I roll up looking for my usual Starbucks coffee already grounded for like 4.00 and see these boxes full of polish...Essie Nail Lacquer and Essie Lip Gloss and other Salon diddies like L'anza and Alterna. I ask the owner dude and he was like,the polishes and glosses $.25 and hair stuff, $1. What!!! I loaded up like a big dog. Here's what's in the pick, not in order though...
L'anza Solutions Urban Elements Liquid Texture Styling Gel
Alto Bella Curl Solutions Serum
Essie Ridge Filler
Essie Polishes in Innocent, Steppin' Out(2), Minimalistic, Cruise Control, Sole Mate, Flower Girl,Foot Loose,Pink Lemonade,Marabou,Primavera
Essie Lip Gloss in Fed-up and Waltz(2)
Big Sexy Lips in Last Dance


Anonymous said...

Those bags are sooo cute...oh and um

Can you please update fatback and sushi??? Please and thanks...LOL

rebelleBAP on 4:23 PM said...


I know. I'm definetly going to start posting really soon. I'm love with G.Garvin, with his bald headed self.:)