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Review: Juice Organics 3-step...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Organic skin care @ CVS? Believe it or not, its there is the form of Juice Organics. About two weeks ago I purchased the 3-step sampler kit. I needed a new cleanser for the summer because my skin has gone psycho, breakouts and craziness. here's the scoop on the kit:

Nourishing Cleanser- It doesn't foam and it goes on like a cold cream but rinseable. I left my face really fresh and clean with no residue and a slight moisturizing. I saw a change within days of a clearer face, no lie. I must get a big bottle of this. And another only use a little to get alot done. Great for conservation on my dollars!!

Vitamin Antioxidant Serum- At first, I thought I needed to skip this. I mean, I'm only 29 and I don't think I need "tightening". But you never start too early, so I used it til I used it right up! It very serum-like, of course, but I can see wearing this alone after cleansing for these seriously hot Carolina days. This is on the check list to get too.

SPF 30 Light Tinted Moisturizer- Great moisturizer, bad color of tint. It's definitely for someone lighter because it left an ashy tint on my skin. Maybe I'll try Juice Organics Daily Moisturizer.


Anonymous said...

I was happy finding your Juice Organics prducts at Target, bcause I buy only organic products. #3 Moisturize is a great product, but I do not care for its packaging, since its size makes it tip over constantly. The top part of it is a poor design, also, and would work better when trying to get the product out if it turned downward instead of straight out.