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Oh how I love a Purse...Buzz, Purse Buzz!!! and more stuffage...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Birthday to my little cousin Raven( above)! She's 15. Going on 30.:) I remember her being born and we was like, "yay!! we got a girl!" I couldn't imagine being 15 right now. Ipods, MySpace, Cellphones, acrylic nails, American Eagle, Bratz Movie...It was so much easier in 1994.

I love the website/blog/YouTube celeb called Pursebuzz I've watched all of her videos, including the ones that won't help none( like the hair ones). She's so cute and sweet. Right now she's got one that about the "wonders" of MAC vanilla pigment. Now, I have a Ebay sample jar( with about 20-25 left) but I seriously haven't used it that much. But check out her sweet vid on it. I did the mix of vanilla piggie and moisturizer this morning and saw glowy difference in my skin.

My training for my new job is over and we are finally in the stages of going to our new store. Today we had "orientation" for all the new hires. And of course there was an "icebreaker".

Dream Vacation

Thank you Jesus I was in the back because I honestly was stuck on that, "Dream Vacation, Hobby" thing. I mean I have about 25 dream vacations I want to take. I haven't really been alot of places. And hobbies, I've got several hobbies. But folks were saying for dream vacays, "Hawaii, Bahamas, anywhere there's a beach..." Well it finally got around to me and I said, "An European Tour...France, Italy, Britain". It felt good to dream out aloud, even at a new hire orientation. For hobbies, I said,"Writing and blogging about fashion and beauty and shopping" Top priority hobbies to me!!!




yay.. the internet has it all.. my website told me you wrote about me.. so I had to swing by and comment.. Thanks for watching and sorry the hair tutorials don't help you but im glad the vanilla pigment did :)
Take care!


yummy411 on 1:22 PM said...

aww how sweet! she wrote you. yes i love her videos as well...and her site! (if i already commented on this please delete)