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Don't Tell Nobody...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So this morning, I wake up late. I was mad as hell because I was running late. To make myself feel a "little better I put on my favorite earrings( in the pic below, old pic below:))and dugout Black Radiance Eyeshadow Quartet in Retro Chic( below). That deep periwinkle blue is pretty and matched my fav earrings perfect. Then I sprayed in Lancome's Miracle and was ready for the rushed day ahead....but...

At work today...a co-worker was like "I love your hair, who done it?". So I said, "I did." Then this broad says,"Really? It's so pretty, but don't tell people you do your own hair." So I say, "So I suppose to make up a name of someone and lie, seriously?" Then this broad says, "I would." Then she left.

I mean, I do my hair out of NECESSITY and pickyness. Back when I was in the Rock/QC("Queen City", Charlotte), I had a college friend who also had a cosmetologist license who did my hair. I called her my "weaveologist" because that chick could stitch some tracks real serious. She also could make bond weave look like a stitch. And she would not charge me out the pocket for any of it. She would give me tips on putting my own hair in and how to do it. So I started to do it myself. And I always get mad compliments. Hell, I get people asking me to do some "kitchen sink" hair. It saves me money and gas and time. I also hate sitting in the salon, the smells, the gossip, the hustle man, and slow ass hairdressers, get on my nerves.

As far as I'm concerned...I did my hair and I'm not ashamed to tell folk.

Thanks for reading the vent!:)



yummy411 on 10:26 AM said...

you look pretty james! ummm why be ashamed of doing your own hair... that girl has issues. lol have a good weekend!

rebelleBAP on 5:35 PM said...

Thanks babe!! I no where near ashamed...right I'm thinking up my Fall weave-a-liciousness!!!:)