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A Day...A Good Day...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I actually had a good day. Mainly because I was off work. Normally I would have cleaned my house spotless, ran errands, went to the 'burg and spent money i needed not to be today...I rested. I dropped those Bam-Bam kids of mine off at daycare, came home and fixed breakfast. Instead getting the ball rolling of washing clothes and other mundane things to keep my anxiety levels to a even keel, I went right back to sleep. I haven't done that IN YEARS. Wake up and then go back to sleep all in two hours then sleep til 12:30? That's what I call "beauty sleep" I love it!!!

Then I flipped around, continued to read my September Vogue( that I haven't finished, Lawd...), fixed a lunch/ dinner of Chicken Marsala and Angel Hair pasta, and watched Sex and The City On Demand. I must say, Season Five is one of my favorites! I'm so excited for Ms. Jennifer Hudson, she will be in the SATC movie as Carrie's assistant. They start filming next week in New York City. Will Patricia Field costume design the movie? What fabulousness will she pick for Jenn? I'm just waiting around to pick up Weaver and Weaver.

Let's Us not forget...9/11/01...Here's where I was...





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