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Weekend Stuff...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lajuan doing the the"Cupid Shuffle"!!! She said she would teach me how to how to do it and the "Soulja Boy"
This brother was cool as hell with that towel and shaved ice...
Can you believe I actually did something this weekend.?Well, it was actually work but I went somewhere and did something on the weekend that the kids were in Charlotte. These are pictures from my hometown's Uniquely Union Festival. My job was a title sponsor so I volunteered to go out and hang out at our table. Somehow I got caught up "face painting" ( not blending and shading eye shadows people...), putting little hearts and letters on little faces. The kids would ask for butterflies and other pictures and I would say,"I only do letters and hearts" Seriously, I'm not artistic!! But I had fun. Here's a pic of some $1 earrings I bought from a vendor.

This band was killing it! They are called Cadillac High.
Me. In the hot sun...sweating...ew!
This chick danced the whole time. She was just in her own space. Do you girl! I just couldn't get over how much black she had that hot sun.
I wanted one of those wind chimes but I thought it might be to noisy for me. How weird.
I got a blooming onion from this vendor. They said they were from Ashe County NC. It was divine!