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September 23,1977...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!! I'm now the grand age of 30! And on this day, I got up and got dressed to go church to celebrate this milestone day. On the serious tip...I should've been dead. I've suffered from depression on and off for the last three years. Yet every year I make it to my birthday I secretly celebrate that I haven't taken my life and God gave me another chance. He's God of second chances...

This year I'm happy on my birthday. I wearing a brand new $10 dress from this store called Simply Fashions. It's like Forever 21 for big girls!. My shoes are Colin Stuart( Victoria's Secret) that I got at Salvation Army brand new for 5.99.

Makeup F.O.T.D.

Tarte Clean Slate Primer
CG Advance Radiance Foundation in Toasted Almond
Milani Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
Mac Pigments in Blue Brown and Tan
Physicians Formula Talc-Free Mascara in Black
Loreal HIP Bronzer
Tarte Rise and Shine l/g in Mauve

Fragrance: Vera Wang Princess

" Leon Weaver face"...waiting for cake

Spencer Baby Love...waiting for cake

My Strawberry Cake made by my mother...She bought my four seriously cute pieces( a boho-esque blouse, two dresses, and a two piece jersey knit set) I will post pics later!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. You look great!!!!
Your boys are so beautiful!
You have so many things to be grateful for
Happy Birthday, again!!

Anonymous said...

That cake looks very, very good.
Girl, you should post the recipe!!!!

Anonymous said...

No weapon formed against you shall prosper-that's weapons of depression, unhappiness, debt, low self esteemed. None of them shall prosper. You've done something really great, that most of us envy. your blog is beautiful. Speak from your heart, you don't know how many other young ladies (yes 30 is still young I hope :) will identify with you and what you go thru....

gina j said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I read your blog and I love it. When you said you may stop blogging....I was like NO!!!! I want you to know that you are appreciated. Your boys are handsome. As you said GOD is in charge. When you know what your why is, then trust GOD to handle the how!!!! Have a great day

Allie on 2:51 PM said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

*B* Fab on 7:11 PM said...

Happy Birthday hun! I'm glad you made it through your storms too! God is a soooo soooo good to us! So good! and yes, that cake looks delish!!!!

Gorgeous on 7:36 PM said...

I just found your blog and had to comment. You are a very beautiful woman. Don't let the pressures of life allow you to EVER take your life. I hope you can find a good therapist in your town who you can talk to. Or a unbiased friend. You statement about depression resonated with me. I have suffered with depression over half of my life. Some days it is a struggle to keep going but I do. Each year it's get better. You made it to 30 you are still fabu and don't let anyone tell you different. Stay strong my sister there are many of us out here Lean on the strength of us black women we are STRONG!!!!! My prayer for you is God grant you the desires of your heart and that he sends you what you NEED to bring up out of depression and make your way easier.
P.S. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
Much Luv from Cali

Miss Kim on 9:12 AM said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jamie! You are blessed and will continue along a blessed path. I know some days are a struggle but you have to keep on keeping on.