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Fashion Depression...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

On Friday night decided to go through my fall/winter clothes and get the summer ones packed up. After about only 30 minutes, I found myself staring at a sad pile of l/s shirts, those four pair of jeans, two Target cardis, a pair of ON blk pants and few other worthless items. Is this all I got? Who was I last winter/fall that I have nothing to wear? The funk slowly fell over me. I went laid down on the couch and watch TV but that didn't work. Two chicks were on What Not To Wear whining on how to spend $10,000( $5000 a piece) on clothes and shoes.

"Bitches"....I thought.

So I just went to sleep. I got nothing to wear. Now, here's the thing:

1) I wear a uniform to work, so five days out the week I don't have to go outfit hunting.

2)On the other two days( Saturday and Sunday) one I'm cleaning most of the day and a little errand running and the other I'm dressed up. Thank God for my mother's b'day present to me.

3) I can wear everything in that little pile. Because I have neither gain nor lost any significant weight in about two years. Same with my summer clothes, I could wear everything from the last summer.

So do I need to go out and buy some new clothes to fill up the gaping holes in my closets? And with what money? And where? And for what?

As mothers/single/married/professional/women we always say,"Well, I don't go out alot and I got the kids to think about and I got the house and stuff to think about...And..."

What happen to the Jamie who was "diva fabulous" and had a closet full of things and her girlfriends/sorors/neighbors/enemies would want to come over to raid her closet(s) of things of vintage and new, designer and low-retail and wonder how she puts all together? Next...I'm waiting on my "makeup" depression. I just put on a Becca l/g that's about four years old.:(



yummy411 on 6:45 PM said...

aww i'm here with you girl! don't worry, these don't times don't last forever... do you have a side hustle? i'm creating mine now... and i splurged $20 on rainboots that i've been eyeing for a while, but they never seemed important enough to buy =(

rebelleBAP on 4:51 PM said...

Girl, I been trying to figure out one that will work for me...praying that perfect will come to me!