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Sunday, October 21, 2007

If you notice that I've blogged about any new fabulous and expensive makeup products, that's because I have none. Plus, I can't write about things I don't own, haven't used, can't buy, don't want to buy.But I will write many, many wishlists.:)When I unpacked my winter and fall scents and lotions about a month ago, it was alot of half empty bottles and stuff I'll never used again. Just like my clothes, It something I gots to work on. I've been collecting drugstore and BBW coupons preparing for the "Big Haul"...whenever that will be...grrr!

Enough of my broke bitchin...:(

I found in the recent financially strapped times that when I have a perfume and no layering lotion to match, either I use a lotion with similar scents or just use Johnson and Johnson Baby Lotion. I have several big bottles of it due to three years ago having two babies at the same time. Plus, the midgets love lotion and baby powder. And their hair brushed. And their clothes pressed. Pretty Boys.:) I think their dad and the Blue People Nation just lost! Anyway J&J Baby Lotion keeps the skin soft and it smells good under most fragrances I use.



Park Avenue on 3:23 PM said...

I buy & use Johnson & Johnson baby products all the time...& I don't have children! LOL I just love the way the products smell.

***P.S.- The name "Park Avenue" just comes from me loving Park Avenue in New York!***