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I know her!!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

While flipping through the newest edition of US Weekly, their "Style Edition"( yeah, right...) I came across the new talent for the new season of Project Runway, premiering November 14.

*Remind me to call Charter about my DVR...:)

I noticed the only sister, Carmen, and then read her little bio and said to myself...I KNOW HER! Well, indirectly. I use to work with her brother, Maurice, at Dillards Carolina Place in Pineville NC back in 2003. He was a total sweetheart who understood my obsession with fashion. One day he says, "My sister is Carmen Webbber, of Sistahs of Harlem" Instantly, I thought of the cute ts and outfits that Erykah Badu used to rock courtesy of the label. He would talk about her and her label.I almost dated him, just to see if I could pimp some free clothes. Kidding!! I'm so excited to her in Project Runway. I wish her the best of luck.:)) Check out this very fab blog on Project Runway called Project Rungay!