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It's a small and "shawt" world...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I stand at only 5'0. And I'm a flat shoe fanatic. Bump all that stiletto pumps/ stilt wearing mess. I did that for years, especially in my early twenties when walked around the WU campus in platform boots and strappy high heeled sandals being "Jiggy/Fly Fabulous". Even at a young age of 30, I don't like a whole alot of heel.

The key to wearing a flat at 5'0 is the right kind of bottoms. For me, no skirts, unless they are short( above the knee) and no dresses. That really makes me look short. I wear flats with pants, wide legs or boot cut jeans. And I got flat looking feet. Short story: My kids' father once told me I had Fred Flintstone feet...when I was pregnant. Whatever.

I found these flat today at SPBG Marshalls for 12.99 a pair on the clearance rack. I put back a fondue pot( Already got one, but this one was super cute...) and a 7.00 clearance Cuisinart knife for these shoes! I was "enthralled" by the patent leather.:) I saw some others, but I'll go back some time next week.

Embrace your flat feet ladies...:)



Miss Kim on 4:29 PM said...

Loving that flats are what's up for this season!!! You got some cute shoes at a great price.