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Sunday Best?

Monday, October 15, 2007 anyone watching that show on BET called Sunday Best, a reality show to pick the next gospel superstar? I caught a rerun of it last night and before I watched it I was skeptical. I mean how do you judge someone singing the praises of the Lord even if they are out of key? Anyways...I found it soooo interesting....

-Kirk Franklin knows he "shawt"! But that's my boy! He was sharp, though.

-Those MaryMary's are like two black Simon Cowells. They are not playing.

-Tina of MaryMarys had on some bad earrings and a hat!

-Her sister...Now don't tell some body not to cover up when you got on a vest and button-up...

-The contestants...its going to be hard to pick a winner, especially that one that sung that Clark Sisters song...Jesus!!

-That dress above,I wore it to church this past Sunday. It one of the Grandma's birthday gifts.

-I guess I'll watch it through...Is BET trying to redeem itself for something?

-Go Bebe, Go Bebe!!



yummy411 on 6:46 PM said...

hey girl! yes you know i was watching. i love mary mary on the show cuz they give the truth. i am not, however feeling the gospel keyshia cole.. 'sexy' on the belt buckle just made me 'walk' on her. don't you love kirk franklin?!! jesus is my homeboy and kirk franklin lol i look forward to watching more if i can keep up with them. bet has a great line up this fall =)