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Traveling Woman

Thursday, October 18, 2007

In about two weeks...I'm actually going somewhere outside of Union and Spartanburg Counties.

To Rock Hill...To the WU for a reunion.

The reunion is the 100 women who went in October 1997 to the Million Woman March. Just 100 of us on two charter buses up there and back. I saw one of my best friends, my Aunt Bonnie in the mist of thousands of women. She had came down from NY and this was before people had mad cell phones and texting and stuff. I looked over and there she was. They want us to wear all black@ the outfit crisis!!!!

I'm excited but then I don't know. I'm exhausted and hopefully I can get off early that day to get over there in time. And I don't have nowhere to stay! My usual, E-dub, is now shacking and is renting out her house. (If you are reading this, E, I'm going to punch in the face when I see u...Love you!) Plus, I didn't want to do a whole weekend and I want to come home Saturday. But I need to see my homegirl Gab and hit couple place( Sephora, Southpark Mall, etc.)

What shall I do? Go or stay at the house.

Also, I'll post the recipe for the Apple Chicken and I had some restaurant reviews from the Spartanburg area. Fun stuff cousins!!