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"Not just Metropolian but Cosmopolitan..."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This morning I went to see Senator Hillary Clinton speak in the 'Burg at the Marriott. I just found out about yesterday in the Herald. But it was truly great...I'm totally sold!!

I got a real close seat. The program started at 9:30 and I was there at like 8:15, after a stop at Starbucks on Pine Street, of course:) That cutie of a police officer in the pic kept asking me for some of my breakfast!

Do I look political? No, I look like my mother in that pic sans eyeglasses.I got politics in my system though. I was Poli Sci minor at the WU and served on the WU SGA for three years as a senator and parliamentarian. I'm excited about the '08 elections...
A little bitty supporter! I sent the kids off to preschool. They would have showed out, seriously!
Senator Clinton. She was phenomenal and super genuine...
I got this close and got nervous. I said, "Hi, Hillary!!".She said,"Hello, young lady...Thanks for coming out..." People were getting her autograph and taking photos with her. I still stood there frozen...How cute.

One of the pastors that introduced her called her, "Not just metropolitan but Cosmopolitan..." She let out a big hearty laugh. :)

Check out the article already up on the on the event!



yummy411 on 11:51 PM said...

great event! i'm glad you got to go! so exciting!! thanks for sharing the photos. how funny the cop kept asking you for your breakfast LOLLOL!

Miss Kim, Lifestyle Maven on 2:26 PM said...

Coolness! You got to get up close and personal.