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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hey people...Sorry I've been missing. I've been at the Le Lion Plantation all week. I'm busted. I did how ever stop into the Union St. CVS in the 'burg for a pick me up. I mean, where is the all of the Holiday color stories? I haven't even seen one good tacky one from Wet N'Wild. I picked up the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Gel and the HIP Cream Liner in Black. sleepiness. Both products, boring and not worth buying....
First, that overrated and over hyped body gel is the same body gel from J&J with the scent of cocoa butter. I could have bought the Equate brand and mixed it with Queen Helene Cocoa Butter for a better mixture.
Second, the cream liner isn't that bad. But Loreal...please stop putting those cheap ass brushes in all of the HIP stuff and marking up the price. Because the brush ain't worth a d*mn and 11.99 is outrageous. MAC cream liner is probably close that same price...without the worthless brush.
Whew! Great Beauty beyotchin' session for me. I needed that!


*B* Fab on 10:37 AM said...

LOL! I felt the same way about the Vaseline cocoa oil. I find myself using the J&J lavendar one way more! I do however like the light scent mixed with my queen helene after a shower :-)

yummy411 on 11:11 PM said...

aww jamie! i had high hopes for the rest of the vaseline cocoa butter line. i like your own combo! lol

as far as the liner, i do think they make HIP stuff way expensive. however, i found that the brush that comes with the liner is appropriate for the formula. i tried my 266 mac angled brush with it (that i use for my fluidliners) and that brush couldn't stand up to the thick consistancy of the HIP creme liner. the brush that came with it was best for it. do you like another brush to use with it?