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Thanksgiving Eats...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I won't be making Thanksgiving dinner at my house. I will going over to my mother, Grandma' house to eat. It doesn't make any sense to cook nothing because I'm sure the boys and I will get leftovers galore. She cooks like that. Plus she is not going to let me help. The kitchen is all hers. Any body else have a Grandma or Mama like that? lol!

So, I will be making breakfast for the midgets and me. They have already requested pancakes and turkey bacon. I will be having that too:) plus G.Garvin's Lobster Avocado & Brie Omelet. I've only made an omelet like twice. But I can can make pretty good eggs so I'll have some pictures for ya...

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!!!