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Weekend Rantings and Ravings...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bullets and more bullets...

-I'm training for job across from SRMC( Spartanburg Regional Medical Center) and I see so many medical workers each day, with those cute scrubs on. I think scrubs are so cute, I wish I could stand to be in a hospital or health care so I can wear them. They look so comfy. Scrubs even make those horrid Crocs shoes look good.

-I'm wearing Burberry Weekend Women today. I always thought it smelled like the Burberry Weekend for Men. Plaintiff used to wear it and tell me that I smell like him. I still want the Burberry Summer. I smelled that one day in Dillards. Do you know I have not had new fragrance ALL SUMMER?

-Have ya'll heard that Jane Magazine is going under?

-I need a trip to B&N for some heavy magazine reading...

-Why did my kids remind me to put "hair grease" on their hair on Friday morning?

-I'm going to stop eating after 9, because it gives me nightmares. Or maybe I need to stop sleeping on the couch.

-I'm in a beauty/fashion depression. How am I going to afford everything I want for the Fall?



yummy411 on 11:52 PM said...

i sooo feel you on that last one =((((