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Building The Rural Glamour Beauty Empire...

Friday, February 01, 2008

I live with Alexander the Great, Spencer Alexander( twin #1) that is. Everything to him is "mine!!" even though he has a built-in best friend whom he shares everything with. The house is his "empire" ,except "Mommy's Room and Mommy's Bathroom". That's my empire. And I have been playing catch up since this summer when I went through a "beauty drought". Hell, I was broke!

But I'm back on the product prowl, grabbing up stuff left and right but on a budget. Like the Loreal HIP clearance at CVS. They discontinuing some product again and I grabbed lip gloss in Giddy and Honest for 75% off.

I also picked up Essence of Beauty Purple Fields Body Lotion ( you know I love lavender) EOB Sunset Fields Body Lotion and EOB Passion Flower Body Cream. They were Buy 2 get 1 Free, I had a $1 coupon for EOB products and $5 in Extra Bucks. So I got three lotions and two lipglosses for around $10.

I feel like a budget Empress! :0

Now, you wait til I get my income tax refund...But I'm going to get a new washing machine first. lol!