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Beauty Hate?

Friday, February 01, 2008

I was trying not to comment but here it goes...

Obviously I was missing in cyber-action when the NYT article featuring Tia Williams and beauty blogging came down from high hell. After reading the article and several beauty blogs and comment sections, I finally decided to stand up for beauty blogging in my own good ole' Union County S.C. kind of way...

I started my blog in 2006 as a way to connect with the beauty and fashion community with my own voice. I'm 30 year-old mother that has had her share of health problems and financial hardship. It lead to me to move back home to Union after 10 years from the Charlotte/Rock Hill area. Still, I was beauty and fashion addict. I blog about my real life in beauty. I live an hour from a mall, a hour and a half from a "real" mall and two hours from a Sephora. But my mom has internet access and we recieve mail from the United States Postal Service:). There are women like me all over this world who can't buy $100 face creams and go to fashion shows on a whim but don't give up their obessession with all things pretty. We make due. I know I do and I'm more fabulous because I know how in my own way. I don't blog for free stuff. Believe me, I didn't even know how these bloggers were getting free products til one day I was reading a popular blog and she said that a package from L'Oreal was on her doorstep when got home. I was like, " They just sent her that to review?" Most ( about 98%) of my products I buy. I never do a review on anything I haven't used. I'm grateful for the companies who have sent me things. And I give bad reviews, ya'll know that! And shit, I got full time job and no internet at my house and will make time to come over Grandma's to blog about the 75% sale at CVS or what I spent my gas money on because I love it.:)


And if I was in it for ad revenue or free products, hell, I wouldn't have a blog. I make no money and every so often I get some emails or products sent to me. That chick over at the Times ain't nothing but another Gabby Union hating on bloggers. Hate on me! Please! I love it!( I reminds of my WU days...)

As Kat Williams would say, "If you got 10 haters now ladies, try working on getting 5 more by the summer!"

and BTW...I want a "beauty" room too, Julia. lol!



Anita on 10:48 AM said...

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. I'm a midwest living, middle aged woman old enough to be your mom, but I can relate to a lot of what you're going thru, single momness, etc. And I'm still broke and live miles from any decent shopping in a small town with just a CVS, but I still love beauty stuff. Just keep writing, I like your voice. :)