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Drankin' Energy...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ya'll know I've been sick with bronchitis most of the week. So, since I felt alot better yesterday, last night I decided to give myself a mini-facial and try a new product that I scooped up at my CVS' Clearance cart. Now, normally I'll give a skin product two weeks before I review, unless its trash from the jump but I'm overwhelmed with niceness, since I got off at noon today. Plus this stuff is the straight up seriousness

Lumene Vitamin+ Energy Cocktail. After I washed and scrubbed my face I applied just two drops and my skin felt like honey. The oil soaked in quickly so I wasn't greasy. Then I put my night cream on and it still look sexy and glossy and stuff. Okay, I said. Let see what it does under makeup tomorrow. It looks glossy and healthy and ooooohhhhh!!! I'm ready to wash my face and put it on again! I copped for $9 and that is deal of the week. Buy it cousins!!!