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Pop Valentine...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

Well, I must say, I don't the day because I've had some seriously bad V-Days happen to me and because I'm forever single but I'm super cool. I had fun Monday with the boys making their Valentine's treats for preschool( you gotta start early...or you'll be up to midnight the night before). Plus, I've almost spent most of my income tax on things for the house( I got a Calphalon knife's beautiful and Le Creuset Dutch Oven Pot) so I feel spoiled.:)

Did ya'll get you Sephora catalog this week? I want this Pop Beauty Lid Neon palette but I don't know how "big" the color is going to be. I need "big" techno color for the spring. I'm loving that trend right now. Maybe I'll check it out at Sephora when I go to the WU Homecoming.

Yes... peeps, its that time of year, that Winthrop University Homecoming. It' s the last weekend of the month. It's also the CIAA Tournament Weekend in Charlotte that same weekend. Shoot, I kinda don't want to go, as usual. I get so frantic about seeing everyone and everybody, squeezing in some time to do everything from shopping, to the step show( which I ain't going to... to old to sit through four hours of stepping and kids be crazy at that thing!), eating, conversing,!

But I do miss my peeps and I need a little break.

Love ya'll much!!!


1 comments: on 8:21 PM said...

thanks for checking out :)

I think you should get it. The colors definitely don't go on strong at first, but I guess you have to build it up! I wish this palette had a purple though :(