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WU Homecoming Fashion Show!!!! lol!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friday Traveling Outfit
It's almost here...that Winthrop University Homecoming 2008. Yes, I'm going. Even though I got to work Friday 1-7( I leaving at 5, MP!) I'll be on the road toward the Rock Hill/Fort Mill/Charlotte area. It's also CIAA weekend in Charlotte so we got alot to get into. I can't wait to see everyone and I'll make sure to take PLENTY of pictures! Now what I have done was laid out all the potential outfits for the weekend. I have to...because fabulous doesn't come that easy, its a plan of attack. Plus, of course, Cousin's on a budget. I go to have money to drink when I get there!!

The pic above in Optional Outfit for Sunday morning/afternoon.( we usually go to breakfast or brunch before everyone goes back home...)

Saturday Night (optional)

Saturday( early morning shopping with T.Hall, lunch, the game.)

Friday Night. I wanted to wear a dress but could'nt find what I was looking for and I still need some new black party shoes...

Sunday morning/afternoon(optional)


Kim on 9:37 AM said...

Cute outfits! Have a good time at homecoming :)

*B* Fab on 8:48 PM said...

YO! Those purple jeans are the business! Are they skinny jeans?!!? OMGoodness! Where did you get them? I NEED them in my life!!!!!

MCNALS on 11:23 PM said...

i really love the last two outfits. that purple is amazing

rebelleBAP on 11:47 AM said...

kim- thanks!!

B-Thanks!! They are not skinny jeans( they are size 18, girl...boot cut:)) and got them at this store called It's Fashion. They got the hot plus size array of thangs!