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Honey, Check It...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Listen ya'll,

I only worked four hours at that damned Le Lion and came home with f-ing headache. So headache and all, I went to get my taxes done. Guess what?

My headache went away...It's called I'M GETTING PAID! It feels good to be "Head of the Household".

I went home to plot the money spending strategy( Car Insurance, Washing Machine, Sephora Haul-age...) while enjoying a double scoop of Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream when I realized I need to check up on 2008 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Over Grandma's house I go to divulge and came across NY Daily News Daily Dish Blog. It's just pops of fab gossip and Fashion info about what's going down in the NY. What my Aunt Bonnie said was "the rain".lol!

And what happened at Baby Phat this year? Ew! And I have a new muse... Andre J. He is definetly inspiration for doing you.:)