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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Becca Glamourise Set Cake Beauty This World Is Mine Set
BalmVoyage Holiday Lip Kit
On Monday, I FINALLY recieved this haulage from The website has some great products but their shipping is so SLOW. It took 8 business days for me the recieve my package. Anyway, my Cake Beauty This World Is Mine Gift Set came in the package with one of the gels busted all inside. You know I was mad on that one. So, I call them and I was instructed to email and they will send me a new one. I let you all know the update.... But they sent me this lovely sample of Sampar Nocturnal Lifting Mask. I managed to strect it out for three days and it heaven and it regularly priced....$89! Jesus be a Economic Stimulus Check!! That's like my Cable bill.
Oh well, sweet dreams to me.:)