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Review: Milani Eyeshadow "Runway Eyes"...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hey Hey!!
Well, here's a review for you!!! First I will say...I BOUGHT it, It wasn't FREE. Just playing, yall!! Just had be crazy.:) I copped these two colors of Milani's New Runway Eyes Eyeshadows. I wore them for church on Sunday. They are beautiful to look at and the swatch on the back of my hand was pretty but the glitter got in my eye so bad...I didn't do nothing but pick at my eye most of the church service. How horrid! Maybe they work better wet. But I seriously doubt I'll wear them again. I sure did want the other colors though....:(


yummy411 on 1:13 AM said...

you are hilarious! what base did you use? i can't wait to buy some. my store was pitiful! the new collection was out but only a few of the colors!

rebelleBAP on 3:18 PM said...


I applied my foundation before all over my face. Maybe I should have used a e/s base. I got an old one from L'Oreal! Suggestions?:)

Oh, if you want a color and its not at a store near you let me know.