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Do You Have High Ball or Low Ball Glasses?: WU Homecoming Weekend 2008!! Part 2

Monday, March 03, 2008

Okay this is the Food/Wine/Life Edition of WU Homecoming Weekend 2008: Enjoy!!:

-Well, this weekend we went NO homecoming events. Not even that game that Winthrop ended up losing. And I didn't miss it at all. I hung out with who I needed to be with.:)

-So, when I arrived after a long drive, I was told by Jenn that our beloved PF Changs in SouthPark had caught on fire that morning and we probably were not going to have our traditional Saturday vittles there. A chica was majorly sad...then I thought about that there is one in Greenville. Oh, well. But, we ended up there anyway!!!It wasn't shut down completely and the food was still yummy. I think they changed the noodle on the Garlic Noodles though. Did they?

-At the mall, I scooted it the kitchen gadget-ista's dream...Sur La Table. I've always loved that store. I picked up Bodum Double Walled Coffee Mugs, Sur La Table Celtic Grey Salt and a Sur La Table Salt Pig. I read this great article in Fine Cooking about salt and it inspired me to get a salt pig for my kosher salt.

-After eating, I lead everyone over to Dean & Deluca in Phillips Place. Jesus, I forgot how excited I used to get when upon entry. We probably were in there for like 45 minutes browsing wines, the desserts, the deli. I literally went grocery shopping!!! lol! No, but I got some goodies to last me for the week I have coming up.:( Like their Egg Salad...Oh goodness. I chatted it up with one of the Cheese associates who advised me how to eat my smoked salmon that I had received as a gift and convinced me buy this really great Goat Cheese spread. He was cute, too.:)

-Okay this "High Ball , Low Ball" thing. I was reacquainted with someone this weekend who asked that question at a restaurant AND at someone's home we visited. It's been in my head since. She is a very interesting person to say the least. I'm going get Katt Williams' number for her( wink! inside joke..).

-AND....Folks up there are house- crazy...I mean there are housing complexes every where.... Fort Mill got a Wal- Mart, what a shock!... Rock Hill looks so good these days and I want to pack the midgets up and go back now....I had such good time with my own "Will and Jada", Jocelyn and Drile...Donnie clean out your car man...Jenn, I'm going to get me a "warming" blanket next!... The music at the Buckhead Saloon was poppin' Old School at its best!...The Dave Lyle Cracker Barrel is ALWAYS packed, Jocelyn...Tasha, where is that red carpet pucker? lol!... I love you, Trevie, the next dude you bring around serious... Ah...I'm finished!!