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*Fumming Mad at Sephora* ( for now)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

So...a couple of weeks ago I thought I ordered some of the last little bit of Becca left on Well, they email me and tell that it was out of stock and cancelled my order. I have a GC of about 59.00 burning a hole in my vintage Aigner wallet. For the last two weeks I've did nothing but troll the website looking for something to spend. Finally I found something to buy....
Gelee' de Soleil Browning Oil and Jamaican Punch eau de Toilette by Carol's Daughter.
I figure that my CD Almond Cookie and Ecstasy would be too heavy to wear this summer. Plus I got a deluxe sample and a some lip pencil with a code and the three samples coming also.
Eh...Not that excited. Should be...didn't spend no personal money on it.:)
Do you know that whole Beauty Insider Program is straight crazy. If you accumulate 100, when you order something you get pick a deluxe sample. Okay...then Sephora deducts that 100 points for that deluxe sample you just picked. So..I'm really paying for a "Free" deluxe sample with my Insider points. How triangle scheme is that? lol!!! Now I got to accumulate some more points to get a "free" sample. about ya'll offer "free" shipping instead of a choice of samples that ain't all that.
*Update* I get an email this morning telling me that my order was cancelled because the Jamaican Punch was out of stock. It wasn't OOS when I ordered it!! Anyway, I called and I let them know that this was the 2nd time with this OOS mess. She ( the SA) waives the shipping and I keep the CD Soleil Gel. Whatever.