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Goodies from the "Sal"

Monday, March 31, 2008

My Momma and I call the Salvation Army Store "Da Sal". She loves this one that's in town but I never find anything in it. I decided to stop in this morning and found several goodies by surprise....

Check out these vintage belts. My mom used to wear these with simple sheath dresses and wooden jewelry and 'twister' bead necklaces. As a child, I wanted to dress like my Momma!

Electric Blue flats with little heel. Great condition, too.
Magazines old and new. I love Black Enterprise and Momma gets in the mail but she always takes it to work and I never get to see it! Those Cuisine mags are from 1984!!! And I got a another Eric Carle book for the boys and a James Frey book.
The ultimate find: The NY Times Women's Fashion Magazine for Spring 2008. Why the a big find for me? First, the Times isn't even sold in this town and I love those special edition magazines that come in the NYT. I have the Womens' and Mens' 2005, 2006 and a Beauty Edition from 2005.