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The Kitchen-ista: Moroccan Chicken

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I love this recipe from Food Everyday for Moroccan Chicken. It's simple and not alot to it. Plus, the recipe is for one serving. But I make it for at least four. I made this Tuesday, and the kids ate the chicken and the couscous and left everything else on the plate. But Kelton Patrick was very interested in the "the green stuff in this". I told him it was cilantro. He said "Cee-lan-dro!" Then he continued to repeat the word, something he does when he learns a new word. I call it putting in his "mental Rolodex for use at a later date". He is going to the be a master a study habits one day.:)
And think I'll grow some cilantro this summer. I been thinking about an herb garden.
Plus I use this multi colored couscous to really make it bright, served on my favorite Dollar Tree white plateware.:)