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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've been in constant prayer these last couple of days. I'm going through some ole' crazy raging storm as usual. But after watching a refreshing and heart warming You Tube video on on Autumn's The BAP Society Myspace Page, the my mood has been lifted. Even though what is going on is still going on, It's okay to let it go and let God. As Autumn says "...that giving up doesn't mean that you're weak, but you are strong enough to realize that's its too much for you to carry."

And I received some what of "rejection" from a blog network I was trying to be on and some other things concerning some news on the blog that someone close to me didn't like really upset me. I don't do rejection well and I was just being funny and congratulatory in the post. But what can you do? You know what I'm going to do..."Ima do me!!!" Those who want a all-beauty or all-fashion blog , there so many great ones out there. But Rural Glamour ain't no percentages. And from now good news about anyone I love.( Just kidding)

Thanks to Kim and Nemesis for the love...ya'll so sweet:)

I'm back form "Hiatus".



Nemesis on 9:00 PM said...

See..I knew you wouldn't be gone too was still checking everyday...Baaaaby...let go and let God is my motto as well...but I also know that it is easier said than done...sometimes you just have to take a step back and think....One of the reason's I love your blog is because it's not all beauty or all's all YOU!!!

Kim on 12:33 PM said...

Great!!!!!! I was worried...getting ready to make a trip to the south with my beauty basket in hand, lol!!! Glad your hiatus is so ova' Keep your head up, Lord knows it can be rough out here but you just have to keep stepping and keep your fab game up. Fake it 'til you make it :D

rebelleBAP on 5:22 PM said...

nemesis- Let me give a Madea "Hallejua-er!!" Thanks mami!!

kim- You are so invited to a trip down south for anything.:) PS-I'm currently waiting in that Aloe Blacc and Ayo in the mail and these fly ass sista named Algebra Blessett. You know what I'll do:)

Kim on 11:01 AM said...

Girl all I need to travel is a reason, lol! And as hectic as things are now, I'm ready to pull a Kindred and get "Far Away"
Can't wait for the new music and I got Estelle for you when it drops ;)