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Sleep in a can: Sofia Mini Sparking Wine

Monday, March 10, 2008

Every time I think of this it makes me laugh. Might not make you laugh, but it makes me and my girlfriends laugh. Any-T-way....

Homecoming weekend, you know, we stopped into Dean and Deluca out at Phillips Place and went all bonkers, tasting cheeses, wines, chocolates. Trevor ate a bag of crystallized ginger( yeah...she also eats only black jelly beans...I wuv her:)), I flirted with the cheese boy, Hannah( the Miss High Ball, Low Ball herself) was grilling a wine sommelier while Tasha and Cousin Alisa swooned over cheesecake. I went over the drink cooler and discovered something so cute, wine in a mini can or Sofia Sparking a mini can.

We all became giddy and excited. How sweet and chic, wine in a can, put in my handbag!!! It reminded us on the days on mini liquor bottles tucked in our jeans for a Withers/SAC party. We all got one or two or three a piece and planned on sipping on them at Erica's house when we got there.

So about an hour later, we popped the top and started to sip less than 30 minutes later, I was sound asleep on Erica's couch, with my hair covering my face, right in the middle of one my favorite movies to quote...Norbit( "How you doing!!!") One by one, the sippers of the Sofia Can O' wine were dosing off. Tasha looks around and notices that people are just clunking out.... and blames it on that Can O' Vino. She says," I KNEW something was wrong with that wine...the can too small, its going to pack a punch!"

When we finally woke up( like 30 mins later...I thought it was 12 midnight, its was only 9:00pm...damn) We all agreed with her. Of course she was laid out across the kitchen table sleep.

Go get you one!!!




Tasha on 2:25 PM said...

hey girl, just stopping by;-)

Anonymous said...

I have had this before! I picked up a 4 pack from Cost Plus World is good!