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Friday, March 07, 2008

The Chanel SA at the Charlotte Nordie's called me and told me that my Blue Satin is in!!! They are having some Beauty Event at Nordie's next weekend and she "pimped" into going to get it instead of her shipping it. I guess I'll be heading to the QC next Saturday...probably after I get off work... Damn, I was trying to keep those trips to Charlotte to a minimum. Hell, I'm getting that piece shipped, bump that free gift mess. See how I change my mind in the middle of blog? lol!
Oh yeah, while perusing, I ran into a couple pieces of Becca still left breathing. Some of their foundation sticks and concealers are online. Now, I got the foundation sticks in Honey and Molasses. I think I had either Honey or Chesnut before. If all else fails swap on MUA or mix the two. But check that out....

Love ya'll


pics: before I get sued or some and