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Super 5 Review!!!!!! 5 products, 5 words.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Well, here's the deal...I had a bag full of products that everytime I would give it the try or try it for awhile to see how it worked, I would throw it in the bag. I called it the "review" bag. Today, I thought it was great idea to do a "Super Review", 5 products, 5 words. Hell, I can't stand long reviews. Get to the point, should I be lemming for it or not!!!

Neutrogena Wave- I wish I kept the reciept.( 6 words!)

Neutrogena Full Volume Mascara-Too light of a formula for my taste(8 words!!....this is not working.)

Physicians Formula Baked Collection Wet/Dry Eye Shadow- Where is that CVS receipt?!!!!( there you go, Jamie!)

Alba Pineapple Enzyme Scrub- Where is the scrub in the scrub?( did it again...)

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser- Thank God it was only a sample.( I'm through.:))

Ooooo....wasn't I successful? lol!


pics: not mine...:)


Kim on 4:10 PM said...

Why did this post have me cracking up? I take it you'll be returning some things, LOL!!! Great post.

rebelleBAP on 4:38 PM said...

If I can locate that CVS receipt!!lol!