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Friday, April 04, 2008

I want to give a Happy 12th Birthday shout out to my LS' of the Mu Xi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Spring 1996 line! Jesus, it was like it was yesterday and I can literally remember every detail of that day. Ah...I miss that Peabody Gym and the wooden floors!!
I have this quad from MAC Sweetie Cakes from almost two years ago. I got it at the The Cosmetics Outlet at the Prime Outlets in Gaffney( must go there soon). And I didn't know how to work it...but I found a cool tutorial on You Tube for just this quad that gave me some great ideas.



Nemesis on 1:18 AM said...

Happy Happy!!! My 11th in DST is on the 27th...So you were rowdy too!! Uh huh...we cousins or something!!!