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6 Random Things About Me...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Thank you Kia for tagging a chick on this. Now I got to think of something about myself. Maybe I should go a fix a cup of Starbucks Espresso Roast to concentrate....:)

-I have never had a Mickey D's Big Mac. That "special sauce" scares me.

-I almost got kicked out of college my LAST semester for "disorderly conduct". Subsequently, that wasn't the only time I was threated to be kicked out. I was slightly "rowdy". My motto was "All because my face is cute and my hair is fly doesn't mean I won't fight you!" But I'm sooooo much calmer now sans Jose Cuervo and other poisons... If you were at the WU between 1995-2000, you knew who I was!

-I haven't gained or lost any weight in 3 years. It's blessing and curse.

-I'm my mother's only child. And she was her mother's only child.

-I don't own a suit and you won't catch in one. I don't like two matching pieces like that.

-Dey Know by Shawty Lo is one of my ringtones. I think everybody I work with got that ringtone too! lol!

- Makeup Related...I don't like lip balm. It's too greasy, eh.

Tagging....Miss Kim, Micki, Mischo, and Nemesis



yummy411 on 9:10 PM said...

thanks for participating!! wow you don't like lip balm?? ok. i like shawty low too LOL!

Nemesis on 1:26 AM said...

Yea!! I was tagged...and I did my first real post