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BigGyrl Fab Outfit: 04/07/08 and Super Rave: Carol's Daughter Browning Oil

Monday, April 07, 2008

I was off today from Le Lion. Super duper bored out of my mind because everyone else is at work or school!

Top:It's Fashion( That's my big girl fashion mecca for empty pockets...hell, they got a layaway plan! lol!)
Jeans:Uhmmm...TJMaxx Clearance last year
Jewelry-This N' That Spartanburg
Shoes: It's Fashion( knock off Tory Burch flats that were $3. I got my Momma a pair too!)

I honestly think that this whole outfit was less than $20...put together.

This should be in your summer arsenal coming up. Remember when I was going through hell with Sephora and their Out of Stock Crap. Well, this wasn't out of stock. And I just might put it out of stock!!! Carol's Daughter Gelee de Soleil Browning Oil is absolutely the joint and the jam!!

Now, don't get it twisted, its not one of those after "bath gel oils" where you put it on wet and then dry off. No, you put it on dry skin and your skin glistens for hours, trust. I put it on Sunday because I didn't want to wear hose to church( never do...) but I wanted my legs to look cute. It did the job. Then it smells so tropical and dreamy!!! I paired it yesterday with a sample of Missoni and today I'm wearing it with Rich Hippie Bliss and no scent is fighting the other.