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BigGyrl Fab Outfit 04/13/08 and Death to the Washing Machine...

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Sunday Best!:
Top-It's Fashion
Shoes-I can't remember but my Momma said she had a pair like that too and she couldn't remember where she bought either.
Skirt-Issac Mizrahi for Target via The Hillcrest Goodwill Store
Belt- Simply Fashions
Headband- an old scarf off a dress my Momma gave away
Earrings-Tiffany( for real.)
Bangles- you know!....This N' That!

Don't look happy? It was beautiful day and a beautiful service even though Boo and Spoo acted like they had never been out in public. I think they plan to show out before we go to church. Kids.

Everything was going fabulous, Momma cooked, we ate, no TV for the kids because "acted" up ... then my brand new washing machine....

Messed up my clothes. Seems that after I washed a load of white clothes with Ecover Bleach, there was bleach residue still in the machine that messed up ( Lord help me!!) 80% of my spring and summer clothes from last year. I mean my favorite grey dress from Target and the shirt that I just wore in the picture above! Boo came over to this pile and said "Your clothes messed up." Thanks Pumpkin.

I'm sad.



yummy411 on 3:15 PM said...

that is a cute skirt james! you look so pretty! lipgloss is poppin!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 5:17 PM said...

Thanks luv!