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Monday's Question?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

There are days I still ask myself why am I still in Hometown. Four years ago, it was an everyday question that consumed me but now I see God's beautiful plan. I don't worry as much, very little actually about still being back home, it's working for my good. But TODAY I had to ask?

Why am I still in Hometown?!

I went to Sal and ran up on some books for the kids, another vintage purse and these earrings for .10 a piece. This a pic withou the flash so ya'll can see the cool lines in the white and blue pair.

I wore the blue ones today. I love them. I felt so my Momma circa1983. Good buys and things at the Sal that other people would realize as vintage for hometown....

Then the kids and I went to a certain store ( no names mentioned) that has the hot updated magazines and that's basically only reason why I go but lately they got these $1.00 pack of Brazilian coffee that tastes like that Starbucks Espresso Roast that love. So, we go to get some and coffee creamer. I pick up a coffee creamer and for some reason check the date on it. 11/04/07. Way out of date...but usable. I take it up to register and ask the cashier if I could talk to a manager about getting this out-of date creamer reduced. Hell, I'll buy it. It's 1.99, mark it down to .99. The "manager" refused citing that she can't do "markdowns.

Whatever. I don't want it. But ya'll need to pull the rest off the shelf. And I had another cashier do it for me BEFORE. Check that too.

That was some ole' Hometown stuff there. I guarantee its still there. I'm done with that place. They won't lose no money behind me leaving no way.

Negative for Hometown.

Then...the kids and I go CVS for prescriptions and just wasting time. The boys love CVS. They way too big for a shopping cart so they get walk around...well, straight to the candy section and aisle. The CVS' here have these markdown shopping carts full of goodies. The first one I dig into has these ROC Daily Microdemabrasion Cleansing Disks that Glam Mom Tia was posted about a week or two ago. And you are not seeing things, lovelies...the price on the side 2.50 is correct. I got them for 2.50. Un opened and everything.

I would not have found that deal in the 'Burg or the QC, man.

Hometown positive...sales @ CVS markdown buggies.

I still don't have the answer to the question. Maybe because I get good deals? lol!


Wait! Wait....let me not forget....I heard that I have very "special" visitor to my blog that keeps up with my life via the blog. Hey D-Dub.:) Smooches! Here is formal welcome to you and your fam and holla at ya girl! lol! This link is for you.