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It's Monsoon!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Since everybody else is having crazy weather, I'm just expecting ours down in the Carolinas to be handed down soon. Whether it be a tornado or hurricane, I enjoy very much a Monsoon, as in Monsoon Noodle House, located Downtown Spartanburg. Lord, I could eat here every day! I fact I think that are some that do, because when I go down there once a week there is this same sista( with this sharp haircut,fabulous style and diminutive form, reminds of my friend/soror/muse of fashion, "Jenn Wes") every single time I'm in there. And she is very "Jenn" about herself, she doesn't speak to me...because she don't "know" me.:) ( Love you Jenn!)
I get the Pad Thai in Medium heat and sometimes I add Pot Stickers. They are super nice and the atmosphere is fun for a lunch break. Besides, Divas On Main is next door.:)
Enjoy MY personal pics above!


yummy411 on 12:17 AM said...

thanks for making me hungry! looks delish.. i should get some pad thai for lunch.