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Its more than "one" thing...

Monday, May 26, 2008

I love the Amerie song "One Thing". I saw the video this morning on one of the MTV Digital Cable channels. Did she go to Great Britian or something? Anyhow, I had more one thing that has gotten me through this weekend. I finally finished reading Beauty Confidential by "Jolie In NYC" Nadine Haobsh. Informative and honest, for someone who has checked the "Jolie In NYC" blog less than three times, I believe her every word! I kept reading this excerpt about the beauty myth of drinking eight glasses water is good for you skin is not true over and over again as if I was trying to convince myself. All I could think about was friend/soror Kindra( Love you Kindra where ever you are!) was line up 8 glasses of ice water on her tray in the cafe' when we were in college and drink them ALL so that her skin stayed clear( This happened at Lunch and Dinner).

Page 122 in Beauty Confidential is for you! lol!

Thursday, I got caught up at Divas On Main loading up on Fraiche Sizzle Bath Bombs and Soaps. I got the three in one Bath Bomb Set that includes Lavender Fields, Dewy Cactus Flower and Bare Naked. My girl Issy( co-owner of Divas On Main) told me to put the bomb in a plastic bag and break it into chunky pieces to get more use out them than chunking the whole thing in the tub. Thanks Issy!


yummy411 on 10:23 PM said...

bath bombs sounds so luxurious. i haven't had the pleasure yet. i can barely get the body scrub in.

oh i met nadine! i want to read the book now ;)

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 8:19 PM said...

Girl get the book!!

I like baths alot but I barely have time to soak too. But when I have something new to use in the tub then I hop in.