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Sex @ Noon and BigGyrlFab Outfit 05/30/08...

Friday, May 30, 2008

I went to see Sex And The City The Movie at Noon. It was the second show because there was a midnight show. But ya'll know where I was.

The Outfit:
Top: Laura Ashley via Salvation Army
Tank:Old Navy via Ooops Outlet
Pants:Wal Mart
Shoes: Cato
Earrings: Target
Bracelets: Dollar Tree

Taking pics of my outfits has been a learning experience.I really get to see how things are look on film don't look the same in the mirror. Does that make sense? lol! I was comfortable and finally did my hair Monday so felt alot better.:)

So the movie...

I won't spoil it for you, cousins. T.Hall says my line name should have been "Spoiler Warning". Anyways...It was...Well, let me tell you a short spurts:

-I went to see it at the Spartan 16 and there was a girl in front of me that was buying 10 tickets for the 10:10pm show so I know tonight is going to packed and off the hook!!

-However the noon show was packed...full of women of course.

-I swear...I had to be one of the ONLY fashion fanatics in there because the scene with wedding dresses made me clutch my chest and when I saw my play-uncle Andre Leon Talley, I squealed! Then again I was in the 'Burg.

-Ah, It was the best predictable movie ever. Every step you know is going to happen even the end. And what ever happen to the rumor I heard on "Best Week Ever" that Mr. Big dies? They so stupid. If think you know what's going to happen, its going to happen.

-My girl J-Hud AKA Jennifer Hudson was super. It was a well-played, honest, genuinely cute character that gave the Carrie story line some formation. It was great contribution to the movie. I would have loved to see her character develop. You'll hear her song at the end of the movie. But, I hated the her makeup, dark eyes and dark lips, and loved the whole Bag, Borrow, And Steal bit!

-Of course, its a girls night out movie. I went alone after asking my Gay BFF who had to work( he promised to go with me next week...:)) and planning a day trip to Columbia to see it with my troops but my babysitting plans fell through. But trust, I'll go to see it again with anyone who wants to go.:)

Enjoy it and holla at ya girl!!!



Kim on 12:36 PM said...

Cool outfit!!!! I'll be seeing the movie in 2 weeks =( Glad you enjoyed yourself.

*B* Fab on 10:39 PM said...

OKAY! That wedding dress scene had me in chills!!! That's what happens when I see BEAUTIMOUS fashion! OMG! Just imagine the fabrics! oh how marvelous they must have felt!

I remember this one time while working at saks we had a Carolina Herrera trunk show and this one dress came out and i teared up because it was SO beautiful!

Oh! The fashion was fantabulous and the shoes! THE SHOES!!! ah! I could go on for days!!!

But yeah the movie def was predictable and fairytale-ish and I can't wait to see it again and get it on DVD!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie!

You look great an I knew you would be one of the first in line for the movie. Hope all is well. I check your blog every couple of weeks to see what you're up to. Hey, I would like to try an eyeliner...any suggestions? I'm trying to get my grown and sexy on!

Lots of love,
Your LS Jocelyn

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 3:40 PM said...

kim-I'll be on the lookout for a! You can go sit at the movies can you?

B-I going to see it again Friday just to do a fashion review.:)

Jocey!!!-Hey Mami! Glad to see you check out the blog. I'll do a eyeliner post just for you! Love ya!

Kim on 5:45 PM said...

I'm on VERY limited activities. Mostly I spend the day with my feet up flipping through magazines and watching daytime TV, lol.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 6:25 PM said...

Kim-I hollered at the my "hook-up" he thinks he might get the movie...