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Haul and Call...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey cousins and friends and babies daddy's:)...

It's Friday and I'm tired physically and mentally. But God is wonderful, magnificent, and worthy of praise, praise and praise!!!! I got to get my energy up!!

This is a cool little haul I got last Friday. The VS Sexy Little Things e/s in Purr and Flirt are from the Victoria's Secret in Columbiana Center Mall( When I stopped through the Metro to have lunch with a friend) and the VS Beauty Rush l/g in Berry Latte and VS Sexy Little Things Glitter Lash in Pink are from the Charleston King St. Store. Altogether...$12.80 spent.

Full Face with a Wet N' Wild Bronzzer that I don't think matches anymore. I look ashy. I chunked that thing!
The eyes...I should've blended but I applied the e/s' wet so that the glitter wouldn't be all over my face. That Purr e/s is GORGEOUS!!! If you can get me some of these in a different colors other than what I got at your VS Semi-Annual Sale( The Spartanburg Store didn't have ANY) let a DIVA know...

The Glitter Lash in Pink is so fun. The SA at the King St. Store sold it to me like a sales monster. She knew her stuff and compared it to Smashbox 24Kt Golden Effect Top Coat Mascara...which I was thinking about as I was holding it. Was she reading a Diva's mind?Spooky. Any way I bought it and almost bought the other tube left.

Also got those great sponges at Target two weeks ago by N.Y.C. The different shapes and angles helps me get under my eye to clean up messes. But they need to be thicker and spongy-er.

Have a great weekend. I got to work.:(



yummy411 on 11:23 AM said...

you have lashes to die for and great brows lady!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 4:06 PM said...